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Artek- Industrial
Over 30 years of operation, visualizing the needs for Industrial products Artek provides the machines that are quite unique and has number of features that make it world class!!
Artek pioneers and leaders in thermoforming/Packaging industry in India have now presenting large number of quality and efficient machines and moulds for packing and producing plastic articles by thermoforming.
click here for Complete range of Thermoforming machines-Vacuum Forming, Blister sealing ,Shrink Wrapping Systems and many more..
Blow Moulding Machines
Electrostatic Powder coating Systems
We have catered to over 11000 customers for various requirements & Endless application Areas.
Some basic Features :
Low cost & conservation in raw materials consumption are regular features in all of our machines
Fully Automatic/manual/semi Automatic machines from auto loading to product ejection.
Very Versatile machines at minimal cost.
A team of Experienced professionals with massive experience in Industrial Technologies are available for Installation & After Sales Service.
Machines with inline cutting and stacking facility for plastic packaging.
Complete range of products in extrusion & thermoforming solutions.
Settings are adjustable for different plastic materials HIPS, PVC, PP, PET and also varying thickness, thin walled ,thick walled products
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