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Reseller  Channel Scheme Festival Bonanza
Validity of scheme- from 1st Oct to 31st  Dec 2004
Product Line for the Scheme-All D-Link Networking Products (No Mother Boards, Memory and Monitors)
Terms and conditions for the D-Link Value Partners / Resellers /SIs
“D-Link Festive Bonanza” is 100% funded by D-Link India Ltd.
Criterion for participation in the scheme
# Every Reseller/assembler/SI/ D-Link Value Partner  gets a random scratch card against a purchase of Rs11000/- or more from Dealer/Distributor( incase no dealer)
# Every scratch card should bear the seal of both dealer and reseller/SIs, hence the card should be sealed by dealer on purchase by reseller and should be sealed/stamped by reseller/Sis before submitting with D-Link India Ltd .
#All Resellers/SIs should reimburse their sealed scratch card directly from  D-Link India  against  the scheme( 1 point = 1 Re(INR)) before 10th October 2004.
Benefits to D-Link Value Partner/ Resellers/SIs
# Incentives for Resellers/SIs- under the scheme “D-Link –Festive Bonanzawould be to reimburse/exchange every against  1Re/-  
i.e 1 Point = 1 Re/- ( INR).
# Resellers/SIs can get the points reimbursed directly from D-Link as per    scheme after putting their stamp/seal on the backside of the scratch card and submitting   the same with D-Link India Ltd. 
# For Non- D-Link Vale Partner, recognition as Value partner or Prestige partners for dealers and resellers with lot of benefits under the Program“Get into the Flow”Channel Program
Benefit to D-Link Value Partners :
All D-Link Value partners eligible for bonus incentive ( to be decide by the D-Link GM,BM,TM)  on achieving targets on achieving targets.( Targets set by D-Link Territory Managers/General Managers) and the same to be communicated to D-Link Mumbai  .
In all matters related to the D-Link Festive Bonanza the decision of Director, Sales D-Link India Ltd would be final and binding on all the participants in this scheme.